AP in 精东影业 County Schools

  • The Advanced Placement Program is an academic program of college-level courses and examinations for high school students. Advanced Placement (AP) is for academically driven students who plan to attend two- or four-year colleges/universities after high school. AP allows students to complete college-level studies while in high school. Advanced Placement courses are accelerated in rigor and pace.

    Taking AP courses in high school helps students learn about the kind of work that is expected in college while receiving support and help from their high school teachers. If getting a feel for what college work is going to be like sounds important to you, you may want to take an AP class. Usually, these classes have more interesting, challenging, and engaging lessons than general courses. Class discussions are often lively and delve deep into the subject matter. If learning like this interests you, you may want to take an AP class.

    For students enrolled in an AP course, the GPA is weighted:

    • A = 5 points
    • B = 4 points
    • C = 3 points
    • D = 2 points
    • F = 0 points

    Students only receive a 0.5 quality point for taking the AP course. They receive an additional 0.5 quality point for taking the AP Exam for that course. Students earn the additional 0.5 quality point regardless of the score they make on the AP Exam. If earning an extra quality point for your GPA sounds good to you, you may want to take an AP class. Students who earn a qualifying score on AP Exams could receive college credit hours or be able to skip over introductory courses. Please refer to the  for the college/university you are interested in attending for more detailed information. If earning college credit in high school sounds good to you, you may want to take an AP class.

AP Courses

  • 精东影业 County Schools strives to offer a wide range of AP classes for students at all of our schools. The following AP courses are offered in 精东影业 County Schools:

    • AP Biology*
    • AP Calculus AB*
    • AP Calculus BC
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Economics: Macro
    • AP Economics: Micro
    • AP English Language (11th)*
    • AP English Literature (12th)
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP European History
    • AP French Language and Culture
    • AP German Language and Culture
    • AP Human Geography
    • AP Music Theory
    • AP Physics 1
    • AP Physics 2
    • AP Physics C
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Statistics
    • AP Studio Art: Drawing, 2D Design, & 3D Design
    • AP Spanish Language and Culture
    • AP U.S. Government & Politics: U.S.
    • AP U.S. History

    *are offered at all high schools

AP Coordinators